How Writing Works – seminar & book launch

How Writing Works (Wyse 2017)

From the invention of the alphabet to the explosion of the internet, Dominic Wyse takes us on a unique journey into the process of writing. Starting with seven extraordinary examples that serve as a backdrop to the themes explored, it pays particular attention to key developments in the history of language, including Aristotle’s grammar through socio-cultural multimodality, to pragmatist philosophy of communication.

For the last four years Dominic Wyse has undertaken a multidisciplinary exploration of the process of writing, framed by a new philosophical and historical account of written language. One of the unique features of this contribution to knowledge is the comparison of the writing of text with the writing of music, resulting in a ground-breaking account of ‘the ear of the writer’ which it is argued is essential for all who wish to write well.

The book launch for How Writing Works: From the Invention of the Alphabet to the Rise of Social Media (2017, CUP) will take place on 13th December 2017, accompanied by a seminar with the following speakers: Professors Teresa Cremin (Open University); Andrew Burn (IOE); Julie Dockrell (IOE) and Dominic Wyse (IOE) Location: UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford way, London WC1H 0AL at 17:00. Further details:

Each of the speakers in this event talks about writing from their perspectives as researchers. Teresa Cremin’s work has included attention to the craft of writing, particularly the pleasure and creativity that writing can bring. Andrew Burn’s work has focused on composition through digital media including games, and most recently ‘playing the archive’. Julie Dockrell has researched oral language and writing including for those pupils with special educational needs. Her work also includes attention to teachers’ knowledge about writing.

How Writing Works will also be the subject of Dominic Wyse’s keynote at the FATIH Project in Education, Education Technologies Summit held by the Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Innovation and Education Technologies in Ankara, Turkey, 17 & 18th November 2017.

In addition, a symposium based on the book has been accepted for the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association in New York (April 2018), with discussants: Wyse, D., Mills, K., Myhill, D. Pandya, J., with Olson, D. and Graham, S.

Further engagements include talks for Aspirer Teaching Alliance in March 2018 and the Research School Conference organised by Aspire Educational Trust in June 2018.

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