22nd Academic Practice and Technology Conference (APT2024)

Dimensions, Reflections and Emerging Practices of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education Teaching, Learning and Assessment

The twenty-second edition of the Academic Practice and Technology (APT2024) conference will take place on Tuesday 25th June 2024. The conference will be hosted at the KCL Strand campus.

Following the success of the 2023 conference, this annual conference, co-hosted by KCL, UCL, LSE and Imperial College London, will run as an ‘in-person’ event while retaining some online elements. The design of this year’s conference will maximise the benefits of face-to-face methods using high engagement and participation activities such as workshops and round tables to discuss and reflect on ideas and further develop our APT community.


Dimensions, Reflections and Emerging Practices of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education Teaching, Learning and Assessment


The sub-themes invite participants to critically reflect and explore ways in which they are developing their practice in response to growing use of AI. Through a range of discussion and interactive formats, the event will showcase and celebrate examples of academic practice that can inspire academic and professional services staff.

APT2024 seeks research papers/work in progress, case studies, and workshops that interpret the conference theme of ‘Implication of the use of Artificial Intelligence in teaching, learning and assessment’, aligned to one or more of the following sub- themes:

Towards a responsible, ethical use of AI in education

Work within this theme may address the phenomenon of data-centricity and the kinds of knowledge it privileges. It may explore the implications of personalisation for collective learning and community. It may be concerned with ethical procurement in a growing and increasingly concentrated market, or how ‘big tech’ is conceived, and promotes itself, as a solution to problems in higher education. It may also consider questions of equity of access, both for students and educators.

Developing AI Skills, Literacies and Competencies for the Future of Work and Society

Work under this theme might examine the changing demands of the labour market and society, and how to prepare students and educators for the future. It may also discuss the skills and knowledge that are needed to interact with and benefit from AI, and how to develop them through education.

Personalisation, Inclusion and Accessibility

Work within this theme should investigate how AI can enhance the quality and accessibility of education, and how to provide personalised and adaptive learning experiences for diverse learners. It may also explore how AI can support inclusion and equity in education, and how to overcome the barriers and challenges of using AI for learning.

Co-creation and Co-design

Work on this theme may focus on how to foster a culture of innovation and creativity in education, and how to encourage students and educators to co-create and co-design AI solutions, both for education environments and for real-world problems.

Assessment, Evaluation & Effectiveness

Work submitted in this theme may consider how to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of AI in education, and how to ensure that it is aligned with the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Work could also explore the challenges and opportunities of using AI in assessment, for marking and feedback, and the HE-policy landscape on the use of AI as educators within assessment structures.

Academic technologies and digital pedagogies (non-AI)

The inclusion of this theme would allow participants to submit for consideration work that may not fit within work related to Artificial Intelligence, but they feel is of relevance to the aims and goals of ‘APT’ as an overarching conference/organisational theme. This is to ensure that work on academic technologies and associated practices that are not related to AI can be highlighted and disseminated at this time.

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