Keynote presentations & general papers

APT 2020 Keynote Presentations

The Brave New University
Gideon Shimshon

The Future is People
Zachary Walker

General Papers

Practicing what we preach: exploiting multi-media assessment and feedback opportunities on a lecturer education programme
Martin Compton
Self-regulated learning and its scope setting phase using 21st-century competency framework and AI techniques PDF ()
Luiz Henrique Piazentini
Peer collaborative learning in an asynchronous online professional development course for mentors of mathematics teachers
Cosette Crisan, Eirini Geraniou
Inclusive technology to enhance the student experience across the disciplines: the impact of audience response platform Mentimeter for staff & students PDF
Amanda Millmore, Lindsey Thompson
Using Mastery paths in Canvas as a method of improving information literacy competence for level 4 Science students PDF ()
Neil Dixon, Andrea Packwood
Lessons from the Digital Exams and Assessment Project at Queen Mary University of London
Evan Dickerson
The Citizen Literacy Project: Inclusive Perspectives on Learning Design PDF
John Casey, Diane Gardner, Wolfgang Greller
Remembering wellbeing in policy develoment
Samantha Ahern
Online Legal Resources and Their Potential for Visual Learning Inclusivity XML
Conor Courtney
Authentic assessment design and scaffolding in an online teaching certificate to advance teacher self-perceptions and plans for practice
Linda Amrane-Cooper, Gwyneth Hughes, David Baume
A Study of Students’ Experiences of Education during the Covid-19 Pandemic Untitled
Sandra Lusk, Fiona Wilkie, Nicholas Grindle, Abbie King
A humanising response to scaling at speed PDF ()
Debbie Holley, John Moran
Digital games for sustainability learning at scale: creative pedagogy with technology for a renewable energy MOOC PDF ()
Ellie Bates, Eileen Kennedy
Teaching Online: Be Ready Now! A Rapid Response MOOC Co-designed with and for teachers in Lebanon and the MENA region PDF ()
Eileen Kennedy, Samar Zeitoun, Diana Laurillard
From diaries to desktops: exploring and supporting the needs of international top-up students using UX research during the coronavirus pandemic.
Sam Thomas, Joanne Farmer
How to provide alternative final year research projects online during the Covid-19 crisis. PDF
Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez
Effective online collaborative learning with Peer Instruction PDF
Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez
Are we living in a LA (P)LA Land? PDF ()
Tom Olney
Embedding skills for a new Profession by teaching programming in an immersive and authentic environment
Peter John Causey-Freeman, Frances Hooley
Supporting new or incoming students to use technology effectively in their learning and future careers PDF () PDF ()
Clare Killen, Sarah Knight
SCALE-UP: an inclusive active collaborative learning approach PDF ()
Helen Puntha
The London Met Digital Citizenship, a gamified online programme to develop an inclusive and partecipative online experience to enhance student retention, academic performance and achievement. PDF ()
Elena Moschini, Jan Bamford, Sheelagh Heugh
The Challenges and Opportunities of the Rapid Move to Online Teaching In Response to Covid-19 PDF
Allison Littlejohn, Eileen Kennedy
A collaborative, real time approach to developing inclusive learning environments within the Education Incubator.
Lisa Harris, Sarah Dyer
A secret weapon in promoting active learning in seminars PDF
Wendy Garnham
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