30 June 2023 @ KCL

Great Hall, KCL Strand Campus London WC2R 2LS


APT2023 Abstracts (downloadable PDF)

APT2023 Programme (downloadable PDF)

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When Item Location
08:45 – 09:30 Registration Tea/Coffee Great Hall 
09:30 – 09:40 Welcome:  Prof Samantha Smidt, Academic Director, King’s Academy Great Hall  
09:40 – 10:30

Keynote:  Prof Liz Bacon

AI in Higher Education: opportunities and challenges

Great Hall


PARALLEL SESSION 1 10:30 - 1130
Room Chair Theme Title



Timos Alpanis



Aggie Molnar, King’s College London. 

Can you design an Educational Chatbot?






Mira Vogel




Isidora Maletic, King’s College London

Quality assurance in the era of artificial intelligence (AI)







Steve Rowett




Medical Education




Caroline Plett, LMU Munich

Co Presenters:  Prof. Nikolaos Koutsouleris; Ariane Wiegand

Artificial intelligence in medical education – prepare future clinicians with the knowledge of a rapidly evolving field


Neus Carlos Martinez, University of West London

Co Presenters: Simone Morini and Behnam Jafarisalim

Nursing students experience of AI-patient alongside VR to develop communication skills within a simulated placement.


Lukas Meier, University of Cambridge

AI for Teaching Medical Ethics


Room K0.17 available for separate networking and break space

11:30 Tea/Coffee (Great Hall)
PARALLEL SESSION 2 11:40 – 12:30
Room Chair Theme Title



Mira Vogel


Doug Specht, University of Westminster. 

Co Presenters:  Gunter Saunders.

Shall we ask ChatGPT?



K0.31 Steve Rowett

Claire Heard, King’s College London

Co Presenters:  James Findon; Rebecca Upsher; Sumeyra Yalcintas

Considering the future of AI in Assessments: opportunities and challenges


Please note this workshop is ticketed, to book a place please view the video and register at: Understanding staff perspectives of using ChatGPT in assessment (APT2023) Tickets, London | Eventbrite. 

Great Hall


Helen McKenna


Guidance for staff and students

Amy Aisha Brown, King’s College London

Co Presenters: Kerith George-Briant

Creating guidance on the context-appropriate use of AI-enabled assistive technologies


Timothy Pullen, King’s College London

Co Presenters: Susan Cox

Fair and authentic assessment of bioscience computer coding in the age of generative AI


Mavis Brew, University of Leeds

Student co presenters: Stephen Taylor (Leeds), Rachel Lam (UCL), Co Presenters: Chrissi Nerantzi (Leeds) and Leo Havemann (UCL)

Reflections on a student-led panel on AI in higher education





Martin Compton



Ozan Evkaya.  University of Edinburgh

Potentials and Challenges of Gen-AI for learning and assessment feedback


Leo Havemann, University College London

Co presenters: Isobel Bowditch, Eliot Hoving, Student co presenters: Rachel Lam, Zara Ahmed, Matthias Chuan, Leshi Feng, Zihan Liu, Qijia Wang

AI, meet AI: staff and student perspectives on academic integrity in the era of artificial intelligence


Mary Cheng, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Investigating the Use of GenAI in Writing Assignments: Exploring the Benefits, Challenges, and Ethical Considerations


Peter Atkinson, University of Westminster

Co Presenters: Munya Chimbaira (KCL), Deborah Rose (Westminister)

A New Pedagogy for the 4th Industrial Revolution: strategy and assessment


Helen Beetham, JISC

Co presenters:  Sheila MacNeill

Designing and resourcing assessment for AI resilience


Room K0.17 available for separate networking and break space

12:30 – 1:30pm Lunch (Great Hall)
PARALLEL SESSION 3 1:30 - 2:30


ROOM CHAIR THEME  Presentation Title
K0.31 Athina Chatzigavriil  

Karen Kenny, University of Exeter

Harnessing the Monster in the Room




Kris Roger


Tools and chat GPT


Akile Ahmet

Co Presenters: Marina Franchi, London School of Economics and Political Science

Teaching truth and trust: AI tools and the seduction of speed.


Louise Drumm, Edinburgh Napier University

Co Presenters: Ingeborg van Knippenberg, Xiaoxia Wang, Cameron Graham, Sam Illingworth, Stuart Taylor, Pamela Calabrese, Imi Dencer-Brown, Student co presenter:  Olumuyiwa Opaleye

The cat is out of the bag: students’ attitudes and experiences of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT


Farhana Ferdousi Liza, University of East Anglia

Promoting Originality and Innovative Research Idea Development among MSc Taught Students through ChatGPT-Assisted Learning


Michael Detyna, King’s College London

AI and VR as a window to the world in relevant HE disciplines (password: APTConference2023)

K0.50 Timos Almpanis How to use AI in discipline related work

Helen Beetham, University of Wolverhampton/UCL

Writing as academic practice in a time of AI


Kieran O’Halloran, King’s College London

Digital assemblages with ChatGPT for creative interpretation of short stories


Mengqi Fang, King’s College London

An investigation of the value of AI-powered functionalities for ESL learners’ learning of English pronunciation

Room K0.17 available for separate networking and break space

2:20PM Tea/Coffee (Great Hall)
Time Item Location
2:30 – 3:20

Closing Panel Discussion with:

·         Sue Attewell, JISC

·         Chris Blunt, London School of Economics and Political Science  

·         Caitlin Bentley King’s College London

·         Thomas Lancaster, Imperial College London


Great Hall  
3:30 – 4pm

Closing remarks

Prof Simon Walker (University College London) and

Dr Claire Gordon (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Great Hall





4 – 6pm Post conference drinks Great Hall
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