What is gained and lost from the writing process when using AI tools?

Peter Puxon, Ayanna Prevatt-Goldstein and Jessica Brooks in conversation with their three ChangeMakers Co-Creator students Anenyah Venkatesan, Zsofia Varga and Yishan Li. They reflect on what is gained and lost from the process of writing and reading after engaging with AI tools to work on an assignment.

This project was from UCL’s Academic Communications Centre.

Slides presented at the ChangeMakers Lunch & Learn event here: SLIDES AI Co-Creator – ACC P Puxon J Brook + A Prevatt-Goldstein

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  1. One of the things that really struck me in this is the student comment that AI writes as if the reader is a beginner. This is a really trenchant observation, I think, especially where a course involves progressive changes in writing: in the first-year certain things are spelled out but in later years they don’t need that level of detail. At the ‘low’ end of discourse, this means detecting over-use of AI can be refined by looking for that but also gives us a clue about how best to frame assessment tasks and the ‘hidden curriculum’ that students (have to) gradually master…

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