Mobile phones 4: Audio

The apps you use and approach you take will depend on:

  1. The phone you have
  2. What you want to achieve
  3. The existing wider suite of tools you use

The following audio I recorded on an app on my phone that I chose because I have used ‘Dropbox’ cloud storage for years and this integrates really well. It’s ‘press the big red button’ thing where I talk then once I stop the recording it automatically uploads to Dropbox for ease of sharing. The dropbox version is here but I have embedded it below for ease of access.

  1. Do you want to generate an MP3 (i.e. most portable/ transferable audio file) or actually add to a podcast app? (if the latter and you are new to this try Anchor app via Listen to this one
  2. To record voice and convert to MP3 choose a voice recorder – there are tons of Android apps to achieve this – likewise in Iphone App Store

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