Team-Based Learning

29th March 10-11.30am

Team-based Learning (TBL) is a learning and teaching approach that uses pre-session work, individual and small group work, and immediate feedback to engage students in the active learning process. It is useful for applying conceptual knowledge to an authentic and real-world problem.

In this session you will experience TBL as a student, completing a pre-session reading task (a short article on TBL) before working through the typical stages of TBL in a classroom setting. We will experience and consider the use of technology throughout the process and end by having time to discuss the application of TBL to you own context.

Session aims

  • Understand the stages of, and pedagogic rationale for a Team-based Learning (TBL) session
  • Consider how technology can be used to supplement traditional paper-based approaches to TBL
  • Discuss how to design TBL sessions, and demonstrate resources to support design and development
  • Reflect on how to apply TBL to knowledge and student learning in your discipline

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