New features of the AssessmentUCL/ Wiseflow platform (February 2024 release)

New features of the AssessmentUCL/ Wiseflow platform (February 2024 release)

The latest release for AssessmentUCL (aka Wiseflow) went live on Friday 2nd February 2024. View the official February release notes and video in Sycamore. Features relevant to users at UCL are listed below:

Manager Improvements

Extended Retention Time for Data Logs in the Participation Monitor

Previously, detailed data logs of all student activity during an assessment were only available for 80 days from the point of flow activation. To better accommodate investigation and appeals processes, which can be lengthy and complex, users in the Managing role can now access this information for 13 months. Note that this 13 month retention period only applies to the text based event logs and any biometric data (e.g. data captured via facial recognition during an exam) will still be deleted after 180 days.

The participation monitor in WISEflow. The button to access a detailed data log of student activity is highlighted.

A detailed data log of student activity on a flow.

Invigilators will still only have access to the participation monitor for the duration of the participation period.

Marker Improvements

Improvements to the New Marking Tool

The new marking tool is officially no longer in beta and has received the following updates:

  • Consistent navigation between student submissions inside the marking tool across all flow types
  • Improved filtering options: markers can now filter students by grade status (none entered, entered but not submitted or submitted) in addition to sorting/ filtering by name or candidate ID
  • A smaller top bar, creating more space to view student submissions
  • The grading tab now includes a summary table of all annotations and comments made on a submission, and how many of these have been made visible to the student
  • Markers can now withdraw their submitted grades via the grading tab if these need to be changed (during the marking period)

A screenshot of WISEflow's new marking tool

Although the new marking tool is no longer in beta, improvements and enhancements are still being developed. The current/ legacy marking tool is still the default option when creating new flows. If you would like to use the new marking tool, consult your Faculty Learning Technology Lead or a Digital Assessment Advisor in the Digital Assessment Team to see whether this is suitable for your assessment.

For further information, see UNIwise’s overview of using the new marking tool. AUCL specific guidance is in development.

All Users

Accessibility improvements

WISEflow’s landing page and flow overview have undergone minor updates in order to continue to comply with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). Further information is available in UNIwise’s article on accessibility in WISEflow.