Case Study: Escape Room

Case study contributed by Marcus Pedersen, Learning Technologist, and Ashish Chokshi, Principal Optometrist, Moorfields Eye Hospital and Institute of Ophthalmology



We developed a new method of teaching the medical process of diagnosing. Basing the activity on the concept od an ‘escape room’ we developed an environment in which the students needed to input certain information to clear each stage, moving from patient to patient. It was created in a short amount of time and we are going to make it a better learning experience for the next rendition.

We need to create a variety of resources for the spectrum of different learners. If we only stick to traditional methods, we are alienating certain learners. It is important to note that we had very little time to complete the resource.

How: It requires someone who can navigate WIX and someone with in depth medical knowledge.

When: this activity can be run at any time and could be expanded to other classes, it is not only useful for Ophthalmology.

Resources needed: Case studies and images.

Workload: MVP about 8hrs.