Lucy Bamwo, Digital Capabilities Training Manager, @lucybamwo
Michal Kochanowicz, Student Technology Mentor
Priya Mahey, Digital Capabilities Developer
Joanna Szpunar, Student Technology Mentor
University of Hertfordshire

As consumers of educational digital content, especially throughout the pandemic, the students are experts in what online content works for them. They bring current digital skills and knowledge along with considerable creativity, enthusiasm, and initiatives. The Student Technology Mentor (STMs) team at the University of Hertfordshire have worked together to create an engaging online digital skills course that will continue to be enhanced and added to, over time by other students.

As part of the university’s digital strategy, the role of Student Technology Mentors has been instrumental in supporting both staff and students with their digital capabilities over the past few years. Throughout this time, the STMs have worked in partnership to help lead and inform digital strategy as well as supporting academic staff with their curriculum design.

To continue our partnership culture, a new partnership project has evolved to give the STMs (9 in total) the opportunity to lead, author and develop online digital skills content for their fellow students. This idea originated from the students themselves. The partnership has opened a new innovative pathway of enhancing digital capabilities across our student body with the benefit of challenging staff perceptions of students as content creators. Staff have been there to help facilitate, advise, and support. Generally, there has been a lack of enthusiasm when it comes to students authoring content, however, this project has shown that with support and encouragement, students can successfully deliver high quality content and gain valuable experience to take forward into the workplace.

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