Piloting the lockdown browser three ways

Piloting the lockdown browser three ways

One area the Digital Assessment Team and Central Assessment Team have been exploring recently is the use of the Wiseflow lockdown browser for in-person assessments to support academic integrity. Piloting has taken three forms which each involve a different approach model:

  • Pilot 1 – A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) pilot with the Faculty of Life Sciences.
    The pilot has involved three separate trials:

  • Pilot 2 – Department led pilot looking at use of iPads and the lockdown browser
  • Pilot 3 – Laptop loan pilot to take place in the ExCel over the summer assessment period
    The laptops are to be loaned and set up by TeamCo. The pilot will include around 20 modules and 900 students.

All three pilots are looking at many different areas including:

  • understanding the implications for regulation and policy
  • considering the cost and feasibility for implementing a particular model scale at UCL
  • exploring the most appropriate manner of enabling the institution-wide installation of the lockdown browser app
  • reflecting on the student experience of using the lockdown browser
  • developing and testing of a lockdown browser practice assessment

Pilot 1 has now concluded and the team are currently writing up an overview report with a set of recommendations for consideration.

As part of the work for this pilot a FlowLock practice assessment has been developed for both FlowAssign and FlowMulti Flowlock versions. The practice assessment covers functionality areas including use of appendix manager: uploading images, drawing etc.​ You can see how this practice assessment works in the video below.

The two other pilots will continue till the summer and we will share insights from them when finalised.

BYOD exams and lockdown browser testing