Exploring assessment data at UCL

Exploring assessment data at UCL

“Data is like garbage. You’d better know what you are going to do with it before you collect it”

This month I began a data apprenticeship at UCL with the aim to utilise assessment data to complement the work of colleagues supporting and advising on assessment across the institution. Via this blog, I hope to share my journey with exploring assessment data at UCL and uncovering insights over the next year.

As an initial step, I am launching a short survey to colleagues involved in advising and support on assessment, to gather insight into:

  1. how assessment data and information is currently accessed by, and shared to, colleagues;
  2. the type of questions colleagues have around assessment and the areas they would like more insights on;
  3. how colleagues prefer to receive and interact with assessment data and information (i.e. dashboards, visualisations).

Link to survey: here

Deadline to complete: Friday 14th April

The results of this survey will help shape the direction of my work in exploring UCL data to create useful outputs that elucidate assessment at UCL clearly and efficiently.