Learning Journal

Create a learning journal in which students can reflect in and review their learning.

It could include tutorial actctivites, target setting, aims and goals etc.

Why use it (students and staff)

  • To monitor learning  
  • To promote and enhance reflection 
  • To review learning processes and trigger meta-learning processes 
  • To make links between learning experiences 
  • To set goals (short and long term) 

When to use it

Throughout the course, or linked to a specific task or assessment (depending on purpose) 

Digital tools that might be used

  • Reflect blog 
  • OneNote class notebook  
  • MyPortfolio 
  • Moodle Forum 
  • Moodle Wiki
  • Video / audio diary 

Speed of set up time 

Varies, but do build in lead time to liaise with learning technologists 


Explain the purpose and value of the journal and provide specific (which aspect to focus on) and/or timed (e.g. week 3) reflection prompts 

Other resources

  • Exemplars (multimedia) 

Examples of staff use

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