Graphic organiser

There a range of graphical organisation techniques that can be used in reflective and organisational ways. These can include:

  • webs,
  • triangles,
  • Venn diagrams,
  • ladders,
  • and PMI diagrams

Example instructions for students:

Use a graphic organiser to help you structure and represent information 

Why use it (students and staff)

Enables reflection on what students have learnt or understoodHelps organise content during a session or from reading 

When to use it

  • At start of class as revision
  • At mid or end point to check on understanding 
  • Independent study task 

Digital tools that might be used

  • Handwritten paper photographed and uploaded (E.g. via MS Office Lens)
  • Use of whiteboard in online synch session (group activity) 

Speed of set up time 

1 minute


Staff might provide examples of graphic organisers 

Other resources

  • Mind map software
  • Templates