AssessmentUCL Blueprints

AssessmentUCL Blueprints

This term, the Digital Assessment team are working on the development of ‘blueprints’ for the AssessmentUCL platform, enabling staff to self-support assessment approaches that have been known to be particularly involved or require advanced support. These blueprints will supplement existing recommendations and guidance housed in the AssessmentUCL Resource Centre to ensure consistency and effectiveness in the setting up, managing, and marking of assessments.

Areas identified as benefiting from AssessmentUCL blueprints are:

  1. FLOWmulti assessments (where questions are automatically or manually marked or both)
  2. Open second marking
  3. Group work
  4. Rubric marking

The team are currently working on their first draft of blueprints for FLOWmulti assessments.

The blueprints will be road tested with a group of core users and refined based on feedback before being published more widely. For an idea of what these blueprints will entail, please see below:

Blueprint content  Description 
Overview Information  Description: A high-level summary of the recommended workflow and known challenges associated with the assessment/marking method. 

 Content: summary of recommendations and key tasks, a visual workflow diagram. 

WISEflow Settings Guide 

(For Manager and/or Author)  

Description: A document outlining the settings that staff can follow to effectively set up, manage or mark the assessment. 

Content: Comprehensive list of flow settings and configuration options to apply on the platform. This may include Manager settings or Author settings depending on the area. 

How-To Guidance  Description: Step-by-step guidance on how to complete the assessment method/process or marking approach, including a checklist to ensure all tasks have been completed. 

Content: Detailed instructions on how to complete each step, including screenshots and examples. A checklist. Where appropriate, links to existing guidance and further resources.