New features released in WISEflow (AssessmentUCL)

New features released in WISEflow (AssessmentUCL)

The AssessmentUCL (WISEflow) platform has seen several new features added in recent weeks – please see below to read more on the improvements made to the marking, management and authoring of assessments online, summarised below. For a deeper dive, please take a look at the following WISEflow articles, March 2023 and April 2023 releases.

Authoring and Marking improvements

1. Ability to re-adjust scoring of questions (add alternative correct answers, amend total mark awarded)

Automatically-scored questions (such as MCQs, SBAs via FLOWmulti) can now be retrospectively re-adjusted by markers and administrators – this resolves a variety of issues that are often discovered post-assessment, such as when answers have been incorrectly assigned during authoring, or alternative correct answers have been given or discovered after the assessment has taken place.

When editing the FLOWmulti assignment on the assessment, it is possible to do the following:


  1. Preview any changes that have been applied before saving your edits
  2. Add alternative answer options
  3. Adjust the point value given for the correct answer or answer options
  4. Change the answer option(s) or values

Please note that once the edits have been saved, administrators under the Manager role will need to submit the rescored marks, as detailed in the WISEflow article, ‘Rescoring submission‘.

For more information on this feature, please see the WISEflow article, Adjusting Scoring on FLOWmulti items.

2. Accessibility improvements

Authors can now add ARIA labels to question text in FLOWmulti assignments to support participants who use screen readers. Screen readers typically read aloud visible text and ARIA labels provide a way of overwriting the visible text with something more meaningful for screen readers without altering the visual representation of the question.


This new functionality is covered in the WISEflow article, Using the Question Editor in FLOWmulti.


3. Update on the beta marking tool
As of next academic year, 2023-24, the platform will have a new marking tool, with improvements to layout and functionality. For an insight into what this new tool looks like, please see this WISEflow video:

The Digital Assessment team will soon be inviting academic staff to register their interest in testing the new marking tool in a practice environment in readiness for the start of the next academic year. Please keep an eye on this blog and AssessmentUCL communications for future updates.