Generative AI: Insights and Experiences from Students at UCL

Generative AI: Insights and Experiences from Students at UCL

We’ve heard a lot from the academic community about current and potential impacts of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT but what are their students saying, doing, thinking and predicting? I had a crack at a partial answer to that by chatting with two undergrads. Their thoughts and insights are really worth hearing. The summary that follows was generated using ChatGPT based on the video transcripts:

The first video, “Generative AI: A Student’s Perspective,” features a candid conversation with two students, Navi and Kaz, both studying on undergraduate programmes at UCL. Martin, the host, delves into the students’ experiences with generative AI, their understanding of its capabilities and limitations, and its use in academic contexts. The video vividly illustrates how students are using generative AI tools like ChatGPT to help plan essays and generate content. It also raises the question of whether using these AI models for academic purposes could be considered a breach of academic integrity.

The second video, “Generative AI and Academic Integrity,” continues the conversation with Kaz and Navi, focusing on the academic integrity aspect of using generative AI. This video delves into the nuanced perspective of students regarding the fine line between legitimate usage and cheating. Both students stress that while generative AI could potentially be misused, its usage heavily relies on individual abilities and understanding. Moreover, it suggests that educators and universities should adapt their assessment strategies and questions to stimulate critical thinking, thereby promoting a better and more responsible use of AI tools in academia.

These videos provide a much-needed student perspective on a rapidly evolving topic. They highlight the urgent need for a comprehensive discussion around the ethical implications of AI and its integration into educational practices, making them a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of AI and education.

video 1: How are students already using ChatGPT and the like?

Video 2: What about academic integrity? And academics’ AI literacy?

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