J. L. Kiappes (Chemistry)

10 minute talk

From the perspectives of students, introductory courses, focusing on core concepts and problem-solving approaches, can feel disconnected from the global challenges and fundamental questions that inspired them to pursue science. Workshops were developed that serve a dual purpose of emphasizing the utility that first-year concepts have for contemporary and cutting-edge research, while consolidating material at key points throughout the academic year. Each workshop includes exercises similar to “typical” introductory course questions, but also ones that challenge students, while working together in small groups, to answer the same questions approached by researchers. Initially developed as classroom sessions, these workshops have been adapted to a remote format over the past year. This talk will discuss the adaptations and online tools used to preserve the key aspects of the original workshop design: (1) synchronous student collaboration; (2) research-centered questions; (3) student-led discussion and peer-to-peer teaching (with the instructor in a facilitator role).

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