Sudeshna Basu (contributions from Mr. Todd Downing, Mr. A. Abdulkadir, Prof. P. Bown, Prof. T. Mitchell) (Chemical Engineering/Earth Sciences)

10 minute talk

Fieldwork is an indispensable part of geology. In the department of Earth Sciences, UCL, two field trips to Dorset run every year for UG and M.Sc. students. Dorset is located in the South of England with classical erosional and depositional landforms and fossil sites. The virtual field trip to Dorset developed last year, can be used either as a supporting resource to traditional fieldtrip or, replace it when accessibility becomes challenging.
The module coordinators and demonstrators are working on students’ feedback, to make the existing contents more engaging while incorporating new assessment methods to test field geology skills. There will be emphasis to recreate teamwork and complement virtual materials with planned live sessions. In addition, aligned to UCL’s Education Strategy, new content on landslides and coastal erosion are being developed, to address these issues along this coast (Gallois, 2008).
Gallois, R.W. (2008). Geoscience in South-West England,12, 101-108.

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