Catalina Suarez-Rivera, Eirini Koutoumanou, Dean Langan, Chibueze Ogbonnaya (contributions from Angie Wade Population; Policy and Practice Research and Teaching Department)

10 minute talk

The UCL Centre for Applied Statistics Courses (CASC) offers short (1-5 day) courses for non-statisticians from UCL and beyond to build understanding of research methods and statistical techniques. Our face-to-face courses moved online in March 2020 and since then, CASC members have completed approximately 600 hours of online teaching aggregated across 75 courses. We will share our unique level of experience to inform others teaching at UCL online.
Student participation and engagement are critical in online classrooms. Therefore, we have actively tested technology/materials (i.e., online platforms, practical activities, breakout groups, asynchronous content, hardware solutions including drawing tablets) and incorporated student feedback to converge on optimal, dynamic solutions that continue to attract students from all walks of life and seniority to our virtual classrooms. Discussion will draw from our experience, student feedback, current issues (e.g., measuring student understanding in real-time), and future plans (e.g., multiple student screensharing, encouraging interaction between students).

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