Simon Walker, Steve Rowett (contributions from Eliot Hoving, Joanne Moles, Sabina Lamstaes) (VP Education/Arena/DigiEd)

45 minute discussion

2020 has accelerated the pace of educational change, some of which will persist. Whilst moving assessment online was a response to an emergency, evaluation demonstrated both benefits and challenges.

In April 2020, UCL embarked on an initiative to procure a dedicated digital assessment platform capable of supporting a wide range of assessments and exams taken by UCL students. A specification for the end-to-end assessment process was drawn up and around 20 products were considered.

A robust and relatively mature platform was procured, and AssessmentUCL (an umbrella term for digital assessment and exams) was launched and immediately road-tested with students.

We discuss:

  • Is the genie finally out of the bottle – is digital assessment the last frontier of higher education?
  • Will it disrupt our thinking of assessment and feedback and offer more authentic assessments that mirror real-world tasks?
  • What risks might this new frontier hold for the academy?

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