Ellie Bates, Anika Ahmed (Policy and Practice, School of Pharmacy)

10 minute talk

This presentation will explore the redesign of a Pharmaceutical calculations workshop for online delivery and the development of an online escape room. Pharmaceutical calculations are an important part of the pharmacy curriculum and an area in which students struggle. The aim of the workshop was to improve learning outcomes by increasing engagement and providing opportunities for collaboration. The online escape room was developed on the UCL Reflect platform, utilising several features of the platform, such as “locked doors”, video embedding and form inputs. The design of the workshop allowed for groups of students to work together to solve a variety of puzzles, applying their knowledge by simulating a pharmacy layout. During the presentation we will explore how the game was designed and how learning attributes have been linked to the game mechanics (Lameras et al., 2017). We will share some initial user feedback and explore ways of patterning game designs.

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