A question is asked, and students are invited to respond. The answer given is developed as it is “bounced” around the room for input from different students. 

This will enable them to build on understanding and have students develop stong reasoning out of misconceptions.

For example:

  • “Aziz, what do you think of Sandra’s answer?”
  • “Sandra, how could you develop Marlon’a answer to include more detail?”
  • “Carl, how might you combine all we’ve heard into a single answer?”

Why use it (students and staff)

  • To encourage interaction between students and build upon the knowledge base of the group
  • To encourage different perspectives
  • To build a sense of community 

When to use it

  • At any points where the teacher wishes to check understanding by the wider cohort;  
  • As a change in synchronous activity 

Digital tools that might be used

Designed for synchronous activity using BB Collaborate, Zoom, MS tTeams, etc 

Speed of set up time 

A few seconds to frame the  activity and decide who to ask.

Leave at least 10 secs for students to respond.


Negligible but need to build in time for asking and asking questions and developing the etiquette 

Other resources

Proximity apps

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