Exemplar Work

Students are shown anonymised exemplar of work/ previous assignments to develop an understanding of standards and criteria. 

Students can be asked to mark exemplar work individually or in groups to develop a better understanding of the process of assessment. 

Why use it (students and staff)

  • Develop an awareness of standards
  • Assessment literacy
  • Enhance independence and evaluation skills
  • Manage expectations 

When to use it

Mid-term; In preparation for a piece of assessment 

Digital tools that might be used

  • Moodle workshop tool 
  • Moodle Forums 
  • Annotation software  
  • Turnitin Peer-Review 
  • Shared document 

Speed of set up time 

30 to 90 minutes

Once the activity is set up and can be ‘reused’ then time will be considerably shorter


Selecting exemplars:

  • writing rubrics and criteria 
  • setting up specific instructions for students 

 Please consider introducing the task during a session and model practice (this could include a video or screencast) 

 Please include a follow-up activity where feedback is provided 

Other resources

Any peer-feedback tool (Moodle workshop; Peer-review on Turnitin; etc.) 

Examples of staff use

Arena toolkit for guided marking

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