Student Changemakers projects on AI

Student Changemakers projects on AI

In response to the challenges posed by Generative AI the UCL ChangeMakers team led a co-creator project to address concerns and misconceptions about AI in Higher Education and bridge the gap between staff and students. The project introduced four themes: assessment, feedback, learning support and exploring AI, offering a range of ideas for staff to adapt. In response to the original call and the £600 stipend for student involvement the team received a substantial number of applications from both staff and students. They are now sharing the results through a series of blog posts and lunch time sessions.

Changemakers supported 61 projects, which involved collaborations with 83 students. There were projects across all UCL Faculties.
The 61 projects fell under these themes:

  • Assessment and Feedback – 17
  • Learning Support – 15
  • Exploring AI – 29

The lunchtime sessions will take place during October and November. More details are available on the AI co-creators site.

  • Session 1: “Nothing replaces a student’s brain, it doesn’t have the flair a student has” – co-creating our approach to AI through dialogue, Wednesday 26th October, 1-2pm
  • Session 2: ‘The blandness is its formulaic style’: insights to help understand the impact of AI on assessments, Wednesday 1st November, 1-2pm
  • Session 3: ‘If you go into Chat-GPT assuming you know what it’s doing, you are going to get a lot of things wrong’: understanding how we can support students to use AI well, Wednesday 15th November, 1-2pm
  • Session 4: ‘AI is going to completely change our education and our working lives’: exploring what AI means for us, Wednesday 22nd November, 1-2pm
  • Session 5: ‘We need to be aware of the impact and limitations that AI is going to have in our professions and in education broadly’: AI, Careers and the impact on professions, Wednesday 29th November, 1-2pm

Here are my slides from session 2.

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