Recognition at the Inaugural MAPS Faculty Awards Ceremony

Recognition at the Inaugural MAPS Faculty Awards Ceremony

The Digital Assessment Team were part of the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR) team noted for excellence at the MAPS Faculty Awards ceremony just before Christmas.

The ceremony was hosted by the faculty Dean, Professor Ivan Parkin, and the event served as a gathering point for faculty members, staff, and students to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional achievements of individuals within the faculty. The awards ceremony shone a spotlight on the accomplishments and contributions of the winners and accolades spanned across diverse domains such as research, innovation and enterprise, education, equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), reflecting the comprehensive scope of achievements within the faculty. Further details of the event are available from the faculty news webpage: Staff and students celebrate success at the Faculty Awards Ceremony | UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences – UCL – University College London.

Dean Professor Ivan Parkin with Jose Delgado, Marieke Guy, Yasmine Sabri, Rozana Himaz and Joanna Faure Walker

MAPS Faculty Education Awards: Team Excellence, and UCL Education Awards: Assessment and Feedback
Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction Assessment UCL Team:

  • Jose Delgado, Saman Ghaffarian, Yasmine Sabri, Joanna Faure Walker, Mohammad Shamsudduha, Bayes Ahmed, Gianluca Pescaroli, Rozana Himaz, Punam Yadav, John Spittles, Marieke Guy

You can read more about how the Digital Assessment team worked with IRDR in the following blog post: IRDR’s shift to AssessmentUCL.