Cosette Crisan, Lesley Gourlay, Katherine Riding; Ian Warwick, Evi Katsapi, Lauren Clark, Kristyna Campbell (UCL IoE (CPA, CCM, EPS, PHD))

10 minute talk

The sudden move to remote teaching and learning in Spring 2020 brought together staff and students in order to learn from each other how to best address the challenges of the new ways of teaching and learning. In this synchronous presentation the six authors will take turns:
• to introduce the two institutionally-supported studies conducted last year, one surveying the UCL undergraduates, and the other one surveying the postgraduate taught students in the CPA department of UCL IoE;
• to share the framework that guided the analysis of students’ views of their experiences and priorities surrounding online learning, gathered via online surveys and focussed group discussions;
• to propose alternative conceptions for what could be a meaningful and rich online educative experience;
• to discuss our findings and their implications for theory, research, policy and practice in a post-pandemic context;

and last and most important,
• to describe how staff and students collaborated on carrying out these projects, and later worked together to write an academic paper about to the two projects.

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