Sally Zou with Caroline Selai (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology)

10 minute talk

The lead author reflects with her primary supervisor on

(i) how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted her PGR studies

(ii) the first lockdown in London

(iii) learning of her pregnancy

(iv) experiences of racial abuse when wearing a mask in public in London

(v) her experience of isolation in London

(vi) decision to leave London before the second lockdown

(vii) anxiety about interrupting her studies

(viii) anxiety about possible changes in the relationship with her supervisors

(ix) the long journey home to Ningbo, China which had multiple stages including a detour thousands of miles from her home-town, necessitating multiple periods of quarantine.

Reflecting on the PGR student’s metaphorical journey and her own (literal) journey, including academic discoveries, the supervisory relationship, boundaries, her changing self-concept, time-management and the use of technology, this presentation will end with 3 key recommendations for staff supporting PGR students and 3 recommendations for PGR students

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