Jennifer L Agustus, Adam Liston, Tim Young (contributions from Fiona Kinsella, Benadett Kalmar; Saiful Islam; Suman Gill; Amit Batla; Salam Haider; Caroline Selai; UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology)

Asynchronous Submission

In 2019/20, IoN students used anonymised Unitu feedback to highlight inadequacies in the specificity of marksheets, transparency of marking, and clarity of feedback. A student academic representative collated the constructive feedback and presented it at the SSCC meeting. The feedback formed the foundation for a new IoN departmental-wide working group to develop improved assignment-specific marking criteria and marksheets over the summer of 2020. This process reflected the UCL connected curriculum guidance towards student-staff partnership through dialogue.

The aim was to create marksheets which increased marking transparency to better support students in preparing their assignments, interpreting feedback and understanding their marks. Given the increase of online learning in response to Covid-19, it was especially important to ensure clarity and transparency in the marking process for both students and markers working remotely. Discussion to determine further refinement is underway, including gathering opinions from students and markers that have used the new marksheets.


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