Jane Simmonds, Annette Coomer, Naomi Winfiled (GOS ICH)

10 minute talk

Reaching the admissions requirements for post-graduate paediatric physiotherapy at UCL can be very challenging for individuals in developing countries or in countries where undergraduate degrees contain insufficient subject specific or research content. Furthermore, access to affordable online professional development education in paediatric physiotherapy is limited. To address these needs, the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health paediatric physiotherapy teaching team, applied for a UCL innovation grant to create a series of accessible self-paced, online courses which aim to provide graduate physiotherapists with the fundamentals of evidence based paediatric physiotherapy practice and to prepare participants for post graduate masters level education. The courses have been successfully delivered on a rolling basis since January 2020. In this presentation, we will welcome the opportunity to share and discuss the challenges and successes of our journey so far, reflecting on creation of teaching materials, course recruitment, completion rates and impact feedback from students.

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