Eleni Makrinou (Structural and Molecular Biology, contributions from Janice Kiugu, Amanda Cain)

Asynchronous Submission

Team-based learning is an active learning approach, that allows students to apply conceptual knowledge through a sequence of activities that involve both individual learning, as well as through teamwork, with immediate feedback.

We have used the TBL model to run a series of journal club sessions for undergraduate students in their final year.

Data collected, were based on 6 journal club sessions, with a cohort of an average of 25 students and over a period of 2 academic years. The sessions were both as face-to-face activity, as well as remote.
An article was given to the students a week in advance to read. During the session, the students were completing an iRAT, followed by a tRAT.
Data analysis indicated an overall improvement in the right answers between the iRATs and the tRATs.

We conclude that our model was successful, both as a face-to-face and remotely set activity, keeping the students engaged and helping with knowledge consolidation and critical-thinking development.
Additionally, Team-based learning has encouraged teamwork and student engagement, with an element of friendly competition that helped raising the standard of individuals and the moral of the group.

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