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Arena colleagues at UCL Education Conference 2023

UCL has been holding internal teaching and learning conferences in a variety of forms to share interesting practice and stimulate discussion for nearly 20 years.

Every year the UCL Education Conference brings together the UCL education community to share innovative and exciting practice and highlight solutions to perennial challenges in education. This year’s theme is Tomorrow’s world, today’s learners – how will our education prepare graduates for future challenges and opportunities?

Staff and students will present in a range of formats sharing their perspectives and experiences on education around the four sub-themes:

  • 21st-century learners
  • The modern and future higher education classroom
  • A fast-changing graduate employment market
  • Wellbeing and care in higher education

Sessions are designed to facilitate discussion among the whole UCL community.

Asynchronous sessions

On this Reflect blog, you will find a number of interesting asynchronous sessions for which we thank our contributors. The organisers hope that this blog will act as a hub for engagement before, during and after the day itself, and comments are enabled for UCL staff and students.

There is a list of all the asynchronous sessions on the Teaching and Learning Portal under the heading Conference blog posts but if you know who or what you’re looking for, the Search box, Recent posts or Post Themes & Categories blocks on the right should get you there from anywhere on this site.

UCL Education Conference, 17 April 2024

Dates: Wednesday 17 April (in-person) | Wednesday 15 May 2024 (online)

Conference theme: Tomorrow’s world, today’s learners – how will our education prepare graduates for future challenges and opportunities?

Venue: IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society

The conference programme can be viewed online on the UCL Teaching and Learning portal (scroll down for abstracts). Some presenters or speakers may have posted their slides and/or notes here. In such cases, presenters or speakers will be able to join in the discussion via any comments added.

If you were unable to join on April 17th and May 15th 2024, you can still engage with much that this Conference had to offer via the above external link and this site.

UCL Education Conference Post-conference review webinar

Date: Wednesday 15th May 2024 – 12-2pm (online) Book your place here

Join the UCL Student Union Sabbatical Officers and Conference Organising Committee to review the 2024 UCL Education Conference.

In this lunchtime webinar we will review contributions from across the conference day, asynchronous presentations, and output from the facilitated panel discussions of the four conference themes listed above (more info at this link).

Whether you were able to join us on the day or are looking for an opportunity to catch up on the conference discussions we look forward to you joining us for this online event.


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